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T-Shirt Mockup Volume 26

About T-Shirt Mockup Volume 26

T-Shirt Mockup Volume 26
We are 3Motional, a team of photographers, graphic designer, and motion designers. We are working together & sharing our skills & experiences to capture beautiful photographs & develop truly useful & time-saving resources for other photographers.
This high quality image will allow you to create beautiful product mockups with your own custom design on them! These images are intended for you to insert your own artwork to create an image that showcases your final product. To do this, you will need to have access to photo editing software (Paint, Photoshop and various apps are good options)
Our mockup photos are designed with care to showcase your designs in the best way possible. We pay attention to the little details and strive to make it easy and quick for you to insert your artwork. All of our images are shot in a photography studio with professional strobe lighting, which creates a consistent and high quality image.
This is a digital file so please note that there is no physical object shipped or frame included.
You will receive a clean image with no writing on it
You can open the image in the design software of your choice to overlay your PNG on it
– 1 JPEG File compatible with Mac and PC
– High Resolution File:4500×3500 px(300 PPI)

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