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Mug Mock-Ups Volume 1 Bistro Cafe Mug

About Mug Mock-Ups Volume 1 Bistro Cafe Mug

Mug Mock-Ups Volume 1 – Bistro / Cafe Mug by Nawaitu Studio is a set of 20 high quality PSD mock-ups to showcase your projects, designs or artworks in a photorealistic and professional way. Each of them is organized so you can change mug and background color easily. You could also adjust reflection type of the mug, either matte or glossy. And you could adjust shadows strength since they are separated from the mug.
Replace elements with your designs using smart objects. Just 3 steps, edit smart object, place your design, save and close! Voila!
20 High Quality PSD Mockup Files
Easy And Fast Editing Via Smart-Objects
Changeable Mug Color
Changeable Background Color (Amazon Ready Background, Neutral Color And Gradient Color)
Changeable Reflection (Glossy or Matte)
Changeable Shadows Strength via Opacity
Separated Shadows / Moveable Objects
Fully Organized Layers And Folders
High resolution 2000 px – 3000 px
Available In PSD, JPG, Or PNG
Photorealistic Result
Help File (PDF)

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