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Two Tote Bag Mockup Grocery Bags

About Two Tote Bag Mockup Grocery Bags

This beautiful rustic neutral minimal grocery shopping bag mock up / stock photo can makeany design or image pop! You can place modern or vintage illustration images, motto, quotes, monograms, wedding photo or font design and display them on your web site, instagram, blog etc.
You will receive:
* 1 hi-res 300 dpi JPG image (3504 x 2336 px) in RGB
* 1 Smart Object PSD file layer-place text or design on the bag via Photoshop (cs4 and up) or PIXLR online editor.
How to use EFFECTS: These are better to use on medium to
darker color designs. There is no need for effects on white design (turn
off little eye icon on the left side of effect.)
Turn on or off Gradient Overlay and Inner Shadow, play with opacity to get the best results.
* NOTE: This is a real photo, and background can’t be moved.
* Help file (jpg Easy Instructions)
PLEASE read the file before you open PSD
(layers in a PSD are hidden so you can
download them faster)

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