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Pot Holder & Oven Mitt Set Product Mockup

About Pot Holder & Oven Mitt Set Product Mockup

It’s true that’s hard to find a proper, photorealistic, layered PSD mockup of an oven mitt and/or of a pot handler… Well… Not anymore!
These mockups are great to showcase your designs or even your finished products without actually needing to create them. They save you from a lot of pain and time, and the most important, it’s no longer required to hold a stock of products that may never sell!
With this bundle, you get all the files of both product mockups (Pot Holder & Oven Mitt) PLUS a complete set of their combined version in various formats. So you get 12 files in total!
All the mockups come in 4 different versions. They are based on real product photos and come in 2000px x 2000px dimension (The combined version comes in 2500px x 2500px dimension).
More specifically:
1. LAYERED PSD (3 Different Wooden Backgrounds Included)
Fully editable, layered PSD that allows you to edit everything you need. You can change the colors of the main area and/or of the bias tape, pick one of the three backgrounds (or add your own, or even remove the background completely), edit or remove the shadow, add pattern and/or design, etc.
* You will need Adobe Photoshop CS4 and higher in order to be able to edit the layers and the smart objects.
A large, high quality JPEG file of the product(s) in plain red color where you can add your design as an overlay.
In this version, the background and the colors are not editable.
Same as above but this time the format of the file is PNG. Usually, PNGs are better quality but their size is also much bigger.
Not as much editable as the PSD version but way more flexible than the previous two versions.
It comes with a transparent background so you can add the background of your choice. The product mockup(s) are uncolored so you will be able to add the color you like either by using overlays or by playing with saturation and colors.

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