Hildegardis Font

Hildegardis Font

About Hildegardis Font

Carrying on our series of historical ciphers we present Hildegardis. Hildegard von Bingen, or Hildegardis Bingensis, was an Abbess during the 12th century. She worked mainly at St. Rupertsburg writing many letters and books and composed music which can be heard on the radio now such is her popularity. She was recently made both a saint and a Doctor of the Catholic church, her career’s output still being held in the highest regard long after her death. She was a mystic and also a creative women who recorded the first example of a constructed language. This alphabetic cipher was invented by her to obscure that language that was called “Lingua Ignota.” The exemplar was found in the Riesencodex, or giant book which weighs over 30 pounds (15Kg.) This font is an accurate cutting that contains all 25, these are duplicated across the capitals also for convenience, of the original glyphs in the Riesencodex and also what might be her actual “signature” done in her own hand also found in the Riesencodex.

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