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About Buiseugot

Buiseugot This is a font written by hand using a tablet, this font is very simple which I wrote very carefully. The font can also be used for websites, or wedding invitations, business cards, signatures and for advertisements, be it product advertisements or other advertisements. Even though it looks simple, this font still looks cool and stylish.
A handwritten brush script font.
Available to you in a TTF/OTF format.
Signature Font is perfect for:
logos, branding, wedding invitations, business cards, greeting cards, posters, magazines, social media, procreate font, planner prints and websites.
Get creative with its unique playfulness, and use it to brighten up any crafting project!
Get it now this boho font and take your creativity to new heights with this font!
If you have any questions, before or after purchase, please feel free to get in touch.
Thank you

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