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Brush Poster Grotesk Extras Font

About Brush Poster Grotesk Extras Font

Brush Poster Grotesk: A Playful and Versatile Typeface for Creative Projects

Brush Poster Grotesk is a unique typeface that was originally designed in 2017 for the children’s exhibition “1,2,3 Kultummel” at the Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin. The typeface was created by xplicit, a design studio based in Berlin, including Annette W├╝sthoff, Alexander Branczyk, and Mascha Wansart, who contributed the illustrations. Manuel Viergutz later extended the font by adding additional glyphs and extras.

The main concept behind Brush Poster Grotesk is its rough and hand-drawn aesthetic. The typeface captures the organic and imperfect qualities of brush lettering, giving it a playful and lively character. The result is a sans serif display typeface with a distinctive charm and versatility.

With a total of 875 glyphs, Brush Poster Grotesk offers an extensive range of characters and decorative elements. Among these extras are over 150 arrows, dingbats, emojis, symbols, geometric shapes, catchwords, decorative ligatures, and stylistic alternates. These additions provide designers with a wealth of creative possibilities, allowing them to enhance their designs and add visual interest.

One notable feature of Brush Poster Grotesk is its decorative ligatures. By typing specific words like “LOVE” or “SMILE,” you can trigger ligature substitutions that transform the text into unique symbols, adding a touch of whimsy and surprise to your designs. This OpenType feature, known as dlig (discretionary ligatures), adds a playful element to the typeface and encourages experimentation.

Furthermore, Brush Poster Grotesk offers multiple stylistic sets, allowing you to choose from different variations of letterforms. These sets provide alternative options for specific characters, giving you even more flexibility in creating diverse and captivating typography.

The typeface is particularly well-suited for use in logos, magazines, posters, advertisements, and any project where eye-catching display type is required. Its distinctive and handmade appearance adds a personal touch and helps capture the viewer’s attention.

When used as a webfont, Brush Poster Grotesk can create decorative headlines that stand out and engage website visitors. Its playful and dynamic nature adds a sense of liveliness to digital platforms, making it ideal for websites, blogs, and online creative projects.

While Brush Poster Grotesk is a versatile typeface, it is best suited for larger display sizes where its unique details and expressive qualities can shine. When used appropriately, it can add a touch of character and creativity to your designs.

In summary, Brush Poster Grotesk is a playful and versatile typeface that offers a range of glyphs, decorative extras, ligatures, and stylistic alternates. Its rough and hand-drawn aesthetic brings a sense of whimsy and energy to any creative project. Whether you’re designing a logo, magazine layout, poster, or web headline, Brush Poster Grotesk is sure to make a memorable impression.

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