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6 Procreate Artwork Mockups

About 6 Procreate Artwork Mockups

Use your iPad at its full potential! This mockup bundle included 6 scenes that work with the Procreate app. These scenes will let you show off your lettering, drawings, painting, and more in a totally realistic scene! This is GREAT for instagram and Pinterest because placing your artwork into a real scene makes it more substantial and eye-catching.
Do you use the Procreate app for drawings, lettering and more? This mockup kit is a must-have tool for showing off your work to your friends, family, and customers! Real, eye catching scenes get more clicks and more likes.
Technical Specs:
– 6 scenes included. Each image is square 1:1
– 3000px by 3000px real photos from a Fujifilm x100t
– Mockup Area: Square 5″x5″ page of Canson watercolor paper
– Works with Procreate app only. Not for photoshop.

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